Here at Sophos Lifestyle, we design and create accessories driven by practicality and influenced by the spirit of adventure.

Our Story

Back in 1886 we started supplying spats, rigid braces and studs to the landed gentry as part of Lambournes Company. Fast forward over 100 years and we still honor our roots and deliver high quality belts and braces with new twists whilst we continue to evolve and grow our ranges to create accessories that work for the modern man.

Sophos is a third generation family run business and our headquarters sit on top of our leather factory in the heart of Rutland. Once considered the biggest and best in Europe, our UK made belts are still crafted by our artisan team in the very same location.

History and heritage are important to us yet it doesn't hold us back. Our design team are constantly working on new collections to keep bringing exciting new products to life. Every design is thoughtfully considered and scrutinised to ensure it has purpose and style in equal measure.

Our Mission

We strive to create contemporary products that work for your lifestyle and that you are proud to own. Always ensuring that our wares have a quality that you can trust and a design that brings a smile.


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Did you know that we offer all our products at wholesale. We have a dedicated website so if you have a shop and would like to know more head over and set up an account today