Heading out with your furry friend for a stroll or an adventurous hike? Don't hit the pavement without ensuring you're fully equipped. From practical essentials like poo bags and treat holders to legal must-haves like engraved ID tags attached to collars, our new mini collection has just launched and we have you covered.

Dog Walking Essentials: A Checklist

Dog Collars:

Keep your dogs safe and stylish with our comfortable and durable collars, complete with sturdy loop to attach your ID tags for legal compliance and peace of mind. We have 2 designs in our new range, one bright and colourful robust dog collar with a soft weave for everyday comfort and a reflective dog collar for evening walks.

Secure and Strong Dog Lead:

Ensure your dogs comfort and your control with our new leads, suitable for training sessions or daily walks. Our leads have matching collars and all are finished with strong quality hardware to ensure your furry friends stay safe when walking on a lead. Don't forget a spare lead for emergencies!


Weather-Appropriate Dog Coat:

Protect your pet from the elements with our showerproof coats with cosy fleece lining, ensuring every walk is enjoyable regardless of the weather.


Poo Bag Dispensers:

Keep those poo bags handy and in a tidy roll in our water resistant dispenser bags that can sit in your pocket or attach to the designated loop on our leads. Not the best part of being a dog owner but making it a little easier to help you with responsible' waste management' during your outings.


Treat Bag:

Every good dog deserves a treat now and then. Great for training up new puppies, they will associate the treat bag with good behaviour and make them more attentive when you are teaching them recall when out on a walk. These bags are small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to hold the perfect amount of dog treats. They are water reistant with a secure zip so no soggy biscuits on your walks.


Dog Blanket for post walk:

Protect your vehicle or sofa from mud and mess with our two sided dog blankets. One side is wipe clean for the really muddy days and the other is soft fleece for comfort and to help with drying. Get them in, get them wiped down then flip over and let them snuggle down for a well earned rest. Providing comfort and cleanliness for both you and your pet on the journey home and to protect your sofa's every day!


Dog Bowl.

We couldn't create a Pet Rance without a dog bowl. Great for water and food time, these bowls have a non slip rubber base to keep them from moving around and insulated stainless steel walls to keep water cool. This bowl will last for years!

Ready to Gear Up?

With our new range of dog walking accessories, including leads, collars, treat bags, and more, Sophos Lifestyle has everything you need for a successful outing with your canine companion. Shop now and make every walk a joyous adventure for you and your furry friend. Explore our full collection today!